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NUNSO Online Grievance Form

Weingarten Rights: Training for Shop Stewards

How do I file a grievance?

Generally, if you feel that management has violated the terms of your collective bargaining agreement, you should talk to your steward who will determine if there is indeed a contract violation.

The steward will first try to help you resolve the issue informally. This may include speaking with your supervisor. If the steward has determined that there is a violation of the contract but is unable to resolve the issue, then he or she will write up a grievance and submit it to management. As part of the shop stewards investigation he/she will need some very important information from you such as:

  • Who is involved in the grievance (supervisor and members)?

  • When did the grievance occur?

  • Where did the grievance occur?

  • What part of the contract was violated?

  • What resolution is desired?


  • For example, a contract may specify that overtime has to be distributed by seniority. If overtime is given to an employee with less seniority than others, the members with greater seniority may have a grievance.


  • Please Note: There are time limits on when you can file a grievance, so make sure you file it within 24 hours of its occurrence using the online grievance form below. For immediate assistance contact the NUNSO representatives @ 815-900-9944 and a Union Representative will get back to you shortly.

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